The future of betting, today

Bettor Faster Search API lets your customers find and place single and multiple bets in seconds – by simply typing or saying them in natural language. Bypassing navigation reduces the friction to bet, getting users to any team or players’ market and selection in as fast at they can think of it.

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Super fast betting

Want the odds for Lukaku to score next? or matches on TV now? Don’t waste time navigating, just type or ask for it and get the odds instantly. We put any bet at users’ fingertips, getting bets on faster, driving in-play spontaneity.

Boost Conversion & Margin

Bettor Faster Search boosts conversion by getting users to an exact bet, or close to what they want – more easily and in less time. Once there it makes it easy and enticing to combine bets into multiples, improving margins.

Innovation Ready

Better Faster Search can be used to simply improve your search offering or it can enable you into innovate and experiement with voice betting, conversational UI, voice assistants and chatbots.


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