How we help operators

Bettor Faster works with some of Europe’s highest profile operators to support and boost their UX needs, from when their own UX team is over capacity to when they want fresh eyes to offer a second opinion or new thinking. Here are some way that we can help you:

Getting something done quickly

Pace can be a challenge for many large organisations for various reasons. At Bettor Faster we are often capable of designing an entirely new product from stakeholder meetings to fully interactive and documented mobile and desktop wireframes within weeks.

Bypassing bottlenecks

Sometimes teams just have too much on. Bettor Faster is used by operators as as standby UX team that can pick up projects on an ad hoc basis as and when they need us.


Original, groundbreaking thinking can sometimes be a challenge to foster in larger organisations. It’s often why our clients come to us – for fresh ideas, free from company culture and politics, designed and professionally pitched to excite and inspire. At Bettor Faster we spend significant time and energy looking beyond the horizon at the future of betting and we have a track record of inventing entirely new award winning products.

Working alongside

At Bettor Faster we’re extremely sensitive to how we integrate into and work with a new organisation and culture. We place great emphasis on respecting existing teams and the political landscape they operate in, spending the time to build rapport and trust. This allows us to co-work on projects with minimal friction.

Challenging existing thinking

Sometimes however internal teams can be stuck in legacy cultures that can prevent progress. We are occasionally used to provide challenger thinking to existing ideas or concepts to highlight new paths to follow. Again this is done with the utmost respect and care in managing relationships with incumbent teams.

Facilitating workshops

Sometimes it helps to stand back and reassess a topic from the ground up with a range of people from different disciplines. We help our clients do this by running Google Design Sprints – 5 day workshops that defines a problem on Day 1 all the way to testing a real prototype with real users by Day 5. Subjects we covered include “The Future of Gaming” and “Creating Loyalty”.

Optimisation and improvement

You have an app, a site or a product but is it performing to its full potential? Sometimes the teams that create and manage them are too close to spot their weaknesses. At Bettor Faster we can provide fast, in depth analysis of any product to identify User Experience and Usability issues. The outcome is a shopping list of changes to make that in aggregate can have a huge impact of the performance or success of a solution.


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