How we help suppliers

Bettor Faster works with betting and gaming suppliers to act as an often much needed conduit between selling their products to operators and the operators actually integrating them in a meaningful way. Here are some ways we help betting and gaming suppliers:

Product Merchandising

You sell your product to an operator but then what? Getting on their roadmap is one hurdle and once technically integrated and published, often a product is lost in the noise of their existing content. At Bettor Faster we work with the operator to implement your product in fast, considered and impactful way. We help determine product placement and design how it integrates with their existing frontend.

Experience Design

Instead of simply plugging your product in, we help operators by designing an experience specifically tailored to your product that brings it to life on their site and truly excites the customer. The outcome is improved customer engagement and retention which is great for both operator and you the supplier.

Sales support

When selling products to operators there can be a sales advantage to offering UX services in combination with your product. Often operators are time and resource poor, so being able to offer a turnkey package including UX where we deliver clear and precise guidance on the best way to integrate and implement a product can be an attractive offer and way of getting on their roadmap more easily. As part of this service we are happy to attend major sales meetings to offer a united front.

Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

As UX we work closely with an operator’s teams to create great experiences. This is often a void that suppliers are not privy to. As a partner we can offer you updates on the state of you product’s implementation and help mediate and shape decisions that may impact this.


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